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What is an injection?

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
What is an injection?

What is an injection?

A pin, connector, in English Name: Pin Header.
This kind of connector is widely used in the PCB circuit board in electronic, electrical and instrument. Its function is the function of the bridge between the block or the isolated circuit in the circuit, which takes on the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used with the platoon parent to form a plate to board connection, or to be used with the electronic wiring harness terminal to form a board to line connection, and can also be used independently for the board and the board.
What kinds of needles are there? What are the models?

Because the specifications of different products are not the same, so there are many types of needle arrangement specifications, according to the electronic industry needle arrangement connector standard classification:
According to the distance can be roughly divided into 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm, 0.8mm five types according to the number of rows of single needle, double needle, three pin, etc. according to the rules of packaging, there are patch SMT (lie / stand), plug-in DIP (straight plug / bend), etc. according to the installation way: 180 degrees with S, 90 degrees with W, SMT T expressed.
Number of rows: single row, double row, three row, four row, up to four rows.
Number of needles: 02-80
Pins: straight feet, bends, SMT; the size of the needle.
Size: shape, size, length, width, thickness, row spacing.
Spacing: 0.8, 1, 1.27, 2, 2.54 spacing.


Type of row mother:
Row mother also has a variety of models, according to the distance can be divided roughly into 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm, 0.8mm five types (also can be customized according to the needs of other special spacing); according to the row number of single row, double row mother, three row mother and so on; according to the packaging rules have patch SMT, plug-in DIP (straight plug / bend) and so on; at the same time in conjunction with the corresponding pin use. It can be customized for different sizes.
If you want to know more about the type and model of the platoon and platoon mother, please call us, pay attention to our official website, and understand our official information in time.
Key words: needles row mother, needle, row mother

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