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Analysis of terminal block burr

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Analysis of terminal block burr
Latest company news about Analysis of terminal block burr

The quality of the terminals not only depends on the good conductive and insulating materials but also on the appearance of the products. The appearance of the product depends on the shape of the terminal and the edge of the product. Generally speaking, wiring terminal manufacturers will not have problems in the shape, shape rules, complete materials; For good terminals, the edges of the product should be smooth and flat, with no excess material. Jinweiyi Electronics Co.,Ltd (CNJWY) sales staff in the conversation with customers found that some customers mistakenly inferior terminal as a good wiring terminal, quite stupefied.

External edges, corners, and crevices of a product often show excess edges or uneven edges, which are often referred to as burrs or non-edges. The non-edge phenomenon of terminals is a sign of low grade and low quality of products, which should be paid attention to in production. What is the cause of the burr of the terminals? How can we eliminate the burr in the production so as to improve the grade and quality of the products?


There are two reasons: the mold and the manufacturing process. The first is the design of the mold. In the design of the mold, we need the mold designer to design the most excellent drawings. Secondly, in-mold manufacturing, we need to use the best materials. Due to the limitations of smelting technology, domestic iron cannot match the imported iron in terms of hardness and strength. When low strength iron is used as the main material of the mold, obvious burr usually occurs after about 500,000 times of use. Therefore, the mold iron adopted by CNJWY is imported and of very high strength, which eliminates product problems in the material. The second is the mold processing technology, in the mold processing technology generally have an electric pulse, electronic lighting, improve the precision of the mold.


Second, is our production phase. In production, many workers will be eager to fill the product, so at the beginning of the injection molding machine pressure is set to high, but this is harmful to the mold, the long-time force will usually make the mold deformation, affect the quality of the product, and also waste electrical energy.


Wiring terminals with burrs not only affect the appearance of products, but also may affect the positioning of the next process during production, interfere with the measurement accuracy of the workpiece, and may have an impact on the next level of the circuit during electrical connection. Therefore, buyers should carefully check the appearance of terminals when purchasing terminals to avoid the above phenomenon.


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