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China leads the US in 5G

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China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
China leads the US in 5G
Latest company news about China leads the US in 5G

As one of our most well-known private enterprises in the world, huawei has become a 5G enterprise with the most advanced technology in the world. Ren zhengfei, the head of huawei, once said that huawei will always lead other countries in 5G technology in the next five years at least.In order to fully prevent huawei's influence in the world, the United States began to impose various sanctions on huawei, but even so, huawei still received a large number of orders from global telecommunications companies, and the United States has since declared the failure of the sanctions.

The reason why the us side reacts so strongly is that compared with huawei, the us does not have any advantage in 5G technology, or even the same level of competition with huawei. Therefore, the us side will suppress and exclude huawei through various ways.At present, huawei estimates that its technology is universally recognized in the world. Despite all kinds of resistance from the us, its technology leads many countries to open their arms to it, even without fear of threats and warnings from the us.It is reported that huawei has been in Europe and many countries have successfully opened up the situation. Up to now, several major European countries including Germany, France, Britain and other countries have launched long-term cooperation with huawei on the level of 5G technology.The upshot is that the U.S. 's plan to use countries around the world to block huawei has largely failed.

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Japanese authorities pointed out that huawei technology has been far ahead in the world, especially in the semiconductor and communication mode has overcome the global core problems.Since 2000, we began to use the consistent "TDD" mode of frequency band in uplink and downlink communication. With the continuous progress of core technology, we soon occupied a great advantage in the global mainstream "FDD" mode.In addition, although our many companies use to qualcomm semiconductor research and development of communication, but in autonomous technology advancing, coupled with increasing capital investment, has been successfully developed field of 5 g with domestic antenna, more simple in design, make relevant equipment miniaturization and science and technology at the same time.

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According to the analysis of experts, in terms of the current domestic 5G technology, the price competitiveness is quite obvious. Compared with European competitors, the price is at least 30% lower. If the trend continues, it will become a great hope to open up emerging markets in Asia and Africa in the future.Although the us threatened many countries around the world that they could not use huawei's 5G technology, countries around the world did not agree to the unreasonable requirements put forward by the us, but reached a tacit cooperation with huawei, which shows the extent of the backwardness of the us 5G technology.For the United States, it is an important thing to recognize the reality. Otherwise, the suppression will only make the 5G network fall further behind.

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