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Features and Application Fields of Terminal Block Connectors

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Features and Application Fields of Terminal Block Connectors
Latest company news about Features and Application Fields of Terminal Block Connectors

Terminal Block Connector is actually a kind of connector, which is used to facilitate the connection of wires. It is a piece of metal sealed in insulating plastic with holes at both ends to insert wires. With the development of the electronic industry, the application range of wiring terminals is becoming wider and wider. At present, they are mainly used in power control, equipment control, automatic control, security control, instrumentation and other industries. Before the terminal block connector is not used, the copper wire is directly connected to the screw. With the terminal block connector, it will be much safer and will not fall off. It also has insulation at the end.


There are holes at both ends of the terminals to insert wires and screws to tighten or loosen them. For example, when two wires need to be connected or disconnected, they can be connected with terminals and can be disconnected at any time without having to be welded or wound together. It is very convenient and fast. And suitable for a large number of wire interconnection, in the power industry has a special terminal row, terminal box, above all is the terminal, single, double, current, voltage, ordinary, can be broken, and so on. A certain compression area is required to ensure reliable contact and adequate current flow.


Terminal Block Connector is the basic accessories, the function is derived from the screws and screws applied in the field of electrical connection and control, with strong, safe, beautiful and fast requirements. With the increase of human cost in social progress, the requirements for wiring terminals are getting higher and higher. The main forms of wiring terminals are as follows:


(1) control box industry: complete set of electrical equipment factory, power protection, power generation control set, power control box and other control integrated systems include box, switch, fuse, meter, meter, signal control, and other control components, large current control lines mainly use track terminal.

(2) components and accessories, instruments in the control cabinet, controllers, relays, electricity meters, switch control system and other components electricity and control function access and output terminals and independent lighting, power, motor, instrumentation, automatic equipment control, and control function of access and output terminals.


The terminal is used to achieve electrical connection of a kind of accessories products, the industry is divided into the category of the connector. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and industrial control, requirements are more and more strict and accurate, the use of terminals gradually increases. With the development of electronic industry, the application field of the terminal is more and more wide, and more and more kinds.


CNJWY has been committed to the research and production of terminal blocks for 12 years and has accumulated rich experience. With a full set of intelligent production lines and perfect quality control system, CNJWY has become prominent in the terminal block industry. Looking forward to your inquiry and guidance.

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