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Global PC sales inched up 1.1 percent in the third quarter of 2019

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Global PC sales inched up 1.1 percent in the third quarter of 2019
Latest company news about Global PC sales inched up 1.1 percent in the third quarter of 2019

Global PC sales rose a modest 1.1% in the third quarter of 2019 to 68 million units from 67 million units in the same period last year, according to preliminary research and consulting firm Gartner.

Mikako Kitagawa, senior principal analyst at Gartner, said: "Windows 10 continues to be a major driver of PC shipment growth in all regions, although the impact will vary depending on local market conditions and the phase of the switch. In Japan, for example, PC shipments rose 55 percent in the third quarter of 2019, driven by a sales tax hike in October that led to a surge in Windows 10 replacement. Such strong shipment growth is also driving the global PC market to positive growth."

"Neither the shortage of Intel central processing units nor the us-china trade war has had a significant impact on PC shipments in the third quarter of 2019," Kitagawa added."With Intel CPU shortages continuing to ease and U.S. tariffs on mobile PCS manufactured in China extended to December, the impact on PC shipments will be modest."

The shortage of Intel CPUs has also opened up opportunities for other CPU makers, such as AMD and Qualcomm, to enter the PC market dominated by Intel.Qualcomm teamed up with Microsoft to launch a 'always-connected PC' with LTE support. While the market for the product hasn't taken off, most of the big PC makers have already introduced mobile PCS with built-in cellular antennas, and Microsoft expects LTE support soon.

In the past few quarters, PC leaders have benefited from falling prices for components such as DRAM and SSD, improving gross margins in the PC business and strengthening the already solid market positions of the top three vendors, Lenovo, HP and Dell. In the third quarter of 2019, PC shipments of Lenovo, HP, dell and no. 5 Acer group all increased from the same period of the previous year, as shown in the table below:


Brand 3Q2019 Sales 3Q2019Market Percent 3Q2018Sales 3Q2018Market Percent 3Q2019-3Q2018
Lenovo 16806 24.7%


23.6% +5.8%
HP 15263 22.4% 14588 21.7% +4.6%
Dell 11324 16.6% 10734 15.9% +5.5%
Apple 5101 7.5% 5299 7.9% -3.7%
Acer 4206 6.2% 4072 6.0% +3.3%
Asus 3820 5.6% 3997 5.9% -4.4%
Others 11595 17.0% 12782 19.0% -9.3%
Total 68115 100% 67359 100% +1.1%

In the third quarter of 2019, Lenovo continued to hold the PC title, with 24.7 percent market share and 5.8 percent growth in shipments. Lenovo in Japan, Latin America and the Middle East (Europe, Africa, Middle East; Strong growth in the EMEA region. With Lenovo, Fujitsu and NEC in Japan, the brand accounts for 45 percent of shipments.


HP's shipments have grown for two quarters in a row.H-p's desktop PC shipments in the Asia Pacific and Japan were particularly strong, driven by demand for enterprise Windows 10 replacements. Dell PC shipments continued to be strong in the third quarter of 2019, with growth of 5.5 percent. Worldwide shipments of desktop PCS grew in double digits, particularly in Japan, which saw triple-digit growth compared with a year ago. Microsoft is now the seventh-largest PC vendor in the world and the fifth-largest in the United States.


The initial estimate does not include Chromebook shipments because Gartner does not define Chromebook as a PC device. Chromebooks have outgrown PCS since Gartner began tracking them in 2012, but they are now showing signs of saturation in North America. While the global Chromebook market grew in the third quarter of 2019, preliminary research shows a slight decline in the north American Chromebook market for the first time since the product was launched in 2011.

In regional terms, PC shipments in the Asia-pacific region excluding Japan fell 5.3% from a year ago, led by weak demand in mainland China. High economic uncertainty has led to a squeeze on both local governments and consumer spending. In addition, local governments in mainland China have issued informal rules requiring PCS sold to local government units to be compatible with domestically developed operating systems and components. The policy has caused state-owned enterprises to delay PC purchases.

U.S. PC shipments totaled 14.8 million units in the third quarter of 2019, down 0.3 percent from the third quarter of 2018. While desktop PC shipments continued to grow, mobile PC shipments declined for the third quarter in a row. Falling shipments of desktop PCS showed lower-than-expected demand for PCS in the public sector, most notably from the federal government, possibly a sign that the pace of Windows 10 replacement is slowing. In terms of vendors, h-p remained the leader in the U.S. market with 29.6% market share, even though its shipments fell 1.9%. Dell remained in second place with 26.7% of the market.


Brand 3Q2019 Sales 3Q2019Market Percent 3Q2018Sales 3Q2018Market Percent 3Q2019-3Q2018
HP 4392 29.6% 4477 30.1% -1.9%
Dell 3954 26.7% 3831 25.8% +3.2%
Lenovo 2216 15.0% 2266 15.3% -2.2%
Apple 2186 14.8% 2182 14.7% +0.2%
Microsoft 602 4.1% 594 4.0% +1.4%
Acer 469 3.2% 406 2.7% +15.5%
Others 999 6.7% 1100 7.4% -9.1%
Total 14817 100% 14856 100% -0.3%



The European, African and Middle East PC market grew 3 percent in the third quarter of 2019, with shipments totaling 19.4 million units. Demand for commercial PCS remains strong in much of Western Europe, with only the UK showing weakness due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Desktop PCS are still popular with many European companies, while mobile PC shipments are growing again after two consecutive quarters of decline.


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