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Technical features of Board to board connectors

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Technical features of Board to board connectors
Latest company news about Technical features of Board to board connectors

With the popularity of smartphones, portable devices, and wearable devices, electronic products will increasingly use board connectors. For consumers, the pursuit of a new generation of cool product experience, holding thinner portable products is to keep up with the trend.But it is a big challenge for electronics manufacturers to ensure the internal connections of ultra-thin electronics are reliable. The board connector is used to connect two PCB or PCB and FPC, so as to realize the electromechanical connection. Its feature lies in male and female connector pairing, so the plastic body and terminal of the connector have strict requirements. Is a pair of board connector used in combination. Board connector technical features 1, first is "soft", flexible connection, easy installation, easy disassembly.2. Today's board connector is ultra-low in height. In order to reduce the thickness of the body, the board height of the lowest board connector in the world is 0.6mm.In order to minimize the thickness of the product to achieve the purpose of connectivity, there is an increasing number of the ultra-thin mobile phone market.3, contact structure, with superior environmental resistance, not only soft, but also the use of high reliability contact "strong connection", improve the joint force of the socket and plug, through fixed metal parts and contact simple locking mechanism, at the same time improve the joint force of the group, make when the lock more plug reality. At the same time, some manufacturers provide two - contact structure to improve contact reliability.4, pin spacing is becoming more and more narrow, the current mobile phone is mainly based on the 0.4 mm, now Panasonic, JAE and other manufacturers have developed a 0.35 mm spacing, should be the industry so far board connectors, 0.35 mm distance between the main for the apple mobile phone and domestic high-end models, its application will be the trend of the last two years, the smallest, the highest precision, high performance, but the patch form a complete set of technical requirements such as high is a place where many connector manufacturers need to overcome, otherwise the product will be very low.5. In order to meet the requirements of SMT process, the entire product in the terminal welding area is strictly required to have good coplanar property, usually 0.10mm (maximum) coplanar property industry-standard, otherwise it will lead to poor welding and use of PCB products.6 board connector technology characteristics, the circuit connector on the puts forward new requirements of electroplating technology, in the 0.6 mm height is less than 0.4 mm high monomer products, how to ensure the product thickness and tin plating gold-plated does not rise, connector miniaturization of the key problem is that the current industry practice is through a laser beam to spin out the metal tin to stop on the way to solve the problem not climb, but the technology has a defect is stripping, laser might damage the nickel layer, make the copper exposed to air, rust and corrosion. At present, Matsushita electric appliances in Japan has successfully solved this problem by electroplating the root of the needle with the nickel exposure are less than 0.08mm. At present, only international personal technical strength can achieve 0.08mm nickel exposure area.7. Now there is another point to say that the board connector can be designed with a simple circuit structure. By placing an insulation wall on the bottom surface of the connector, the PCB board alignment does not touch the metal terminals to carry wiring on the bottom surface of the connector, which facilitates the miniaturization of the PCB.8, compared with the board connector many years ago, the current connector is half or even smaller, so the assembly must be aligned with the inlet Angle, and then the mandatory reduction, to avoid product damage caused by dislocation caused by the product.(for ultra-thin and plate-board connectors, induction can be conducted after staff training to better improve production efficiency. Shenzhen jinweiyi electronics co., LTD. Is specialized in manufacturing and selling the board to board connector products such as FPC/FFC, with 12 years of industry experience, automatic production line and complete testing equipment, our products have won a good reputation in the industry. Welcome old and new friends to discuss cooperation!

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