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Terminal Block's advantages and implementation standards

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Terminal Block's advantages and implementation standards
Latest company news about Terminal Block's advantages and implementation standards

Terminal Block Connectors are important supporting components of system engineering. From system, subsystem, cabinet, combination, PCB to each replaceable independent unit, thousands of wiring terminals is distributed in each system and parts like human nervous system, which is responsible for the power transmission and signal control and transmission of the control system. So this determines that terminals are used everywhere, wherever they are needed.


Implementation standards:


Due to the importance of terminals, terminal blocks in the design and use must, therefore, meet safety and environmental protection of the relevant standards. Only conforms to the standard, to buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind, to avoid safety accident hidden trouble. General terminals manufacturers in the design of the finalize the design product are executed when GB/T 5095-1997 electronic equipment with mechanical and electronic components (basic test procedures and measurement method): UL486E, UL1059.

The innovation of terminal products in its field:


From the initial single structure of the extension of a variety of wiring structures, classification, suitable for all kinds of wiring environment, greatly convenient for our use. At the same time, the structure of the wiring terminal is more and more humanized, the wiring speed is also greatly improved, reducing the labor intensity of workers. At the same time, the reliability of the terminals is getting higher and higher. The new production technology and technical equipment are put into use, and the scientific production process and quality control method greatly improve the quality and life of the terminals. With the increasing demand for environmental protection, the requirement of terminal environmental protection is very necessary. The halogen-free addition of flame retardant, the non - toxic conductor insulator, the lead - free coating, etc.


1. Insulator material:

Material nylon (PA66), flame retardant grade V0, without any harmful halogen, flame retardant performance, safety, environmental protection. And liquid crystal polymers (LCP) for use with perforated reflux technology.

2. Screw terminals:

The screw-connected PCB terminals have been playing an important role in the electronic industry and have become an important component of PCB. Its structural design takes into account the characteristics of convenient wiring and firm screw connection.

3. Spring connection terminal:

Printed circuit board terminals with spring connection can be divided into retractable spring connection and butterfly spring connection. Retractable spring terminals and screw terminals are compatible, greatly increasing flexibility. Reliable connection: front connection, visible connection, low maintenance, no need to tighten.

4. Stripping free quick terminals:

The lever pushes the wire into the cutting edge and cuts off the insulation skin to realize air tightness connection. This way of wiring can save up to 60% of the time of wiring. There is no need to strip the wires, no tools are needed, just break the wires, that's all.It is also certified to be used for Ethernet cabling (five types of cabling).

Terminal Block connectors of any type have the following advantages:


1.) Large wiring capacity, which can meet various wiring requirements.
2.) Mechanical decoupling between wire clip frame and welding needle, that is, since the wire clip frame is not connected with welding needle, the torque when tightening the screw will not be transferred to the welding spot.
3.) The welding needle is four-prism, with the end shrinking and becoming fine. When the welding hole is inserted, the contact area is increased. Welding fluid is easy to dissolve into welding hole, not easy to virtual welding.
4.) The welding needle is a copper alloy, and no dirt in the welding needle guarantees the long-term reliability of welding.
5.) Tin soldering needle, easy to weld.
6.) With a heat dissipation channel.
7.) Shrink and thin end of welding needle, easy to install.


Users can not only choose different parameters, such as needle position, needle distance, etc. but also choose different wiring directions.In practical applications, the layout of components, such as the position of PCB in the shell, often limits the PCB terminal wiring.PCB terminals that can provide various wiring directions undoubtedly have important practical significance: horizontal, vertical, bevel, and front. The more options available, the more helpful it is to actually do things.

PCB terminals can even provide multi-layer wiring terminals (1 to 4 layers). The arrangement between layers is very compact and staggered by half needle spacing in the vertical direction. This kind of terminal is in line with the need for compact layout and space-saving design.

Screw connection terminals are compatible with spring connection terminals. Compatibility means that they are interchangeable without changing the layout of the printed circuit board. This greatly improves the adaptability of the product and greatly reduces the cost.

In order to meet the requirements of the new electronic assembly technology, the new technology of perforated insertion reflux is introduced.

It has the following advantages:


1.) Local dip brazing or press-in is abolished.
2.) Fully compatible with surface packaging technology.
3.) Can be fully integrated into the automated installation process.
4.) No additional space is required in the production workshop.
5.) There are usually no additional investment costs.

In line with this technology, CNJWY developed a series of SMC(surface mount compatible) processes and THT terminals made of high-temperature-resistant insulation (LCP) shells. And can provide the drum packing with locating hole to meet the requirement of automatic assembly

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