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The cause of quality problem of gold plate of connector

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Company News
The cause of quality problem of gold plate of connector
Latest company news about The cause of quality problem of gold plate of connector

The color of the gold layer of the connector is inconsistent with the color of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts in the same supporting product is different. The reasons for this problem are as follows:

1. Gold-plated materials impurity effect when joining solution chemical materials into impurities than gold plating liquid after tolerance will soon affect the color of the gold layer and brightness. If it is a dark layer of organic impurities affect the cash and the phenomenon of hair flower, Richard slot specimen examination, and dark hair flower location is not fixed. If the current density of metal impurity interference can cause narrow range, Richard trough experiments show the current density of the specimens is low-end high-end plating not bright or not bright low-end plating. Is reflected in the plating pieces of the coating red or even angry, the more obvious the color change of the hole.
2. The gold plating current density is too high due to the calculation error of the total area of the parts of the plating tank, its value is larger than the actual surface area, so that the gold plating current flow is too large, or the vibration of the electroplating amplitude is too small, so that all or part of the gold plating in the tank crystal rough, visible gold layer red.
3. Gold plating solution aging gold plating solution use time is too long, the excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution will inevitably cause abnormal gold layer color.
4. Hard gold plating alloy content change in order to improve the degree of hardness and wear resistance of connectors, connectors gold-plated generally adopt hard gold plating process. Use more of them gold cobalt alloy and nickel alloy of gold. When the content of cobalt and nickel in the solution change can cause the gold plating color change. If the cobalt content in the plating solution is too high gold layer can slant red color;If the nickel content in the bath is too high the metal color will become lighter;If the change in the bath is too large and the different parts of the same supporting products are not gold-plated in the same tank, the same batch of products will be provided to the user gold layer color is not the same phenomenon.
5. After the gold plating process is completed for the insert pin or jack of the gold connector when the thickness of the outer surface of the plating part reaches or exceeds the specified thickness, the coating of the inner hole of the welding wire hole or jack is very thin or even without the gold layer.
6. Gold-plated plating parts to insert each other in order to ensure the connector jack in jack has a certain elasticity, when the plug is used in the product design in most kinds of jack have is a split groove in the mouth design. In the process of electroplating plating pieces evenly done part of jack at the opening of each other together with the inserted parts electric shielding each other causing hole plating hard.
In the design of some kinds of connectors, the outer diameter of the pin rod is slightly smaller than the aperture of the welding wire hole. In the middle of the electroplating process, part of the pin rod will be connected head to tail, resulting in no gold plating in the welding wire hole (see the figure).
Concentration is bigger than 8. Blind hole parts plating process deep plating ability due to the bottom of the groove of the socket from the bottom of the hole and a distance, the distance objectively formed blind holes. Also, the pin and socket welding line also has such a blind hole in the hole, it is to provide the guiding role of wire welding. When these holes smaller aperture (often less than 1 mm or less than 0.5 mm) and blind hole concentration exceeds the aperture plating solution is very difficult to flow into the hole, flow into the hole of the plating solution and it is hard to flow, so the hole of the gold layer is difficult to guarantee quality.
9. Gold-plated anode area is too small when the connector is small volume is relatively single slot plating pieces of the total surface area is larger, in such a small pinhole if single slot when plated on more. The original anode area is not enough. Especially when platinum titanium net use of time is too long too much loss of platinum anode will reduce the effective area, this will affect the gilded deep plating ability, a hole will be plated.
10. Coating adhesion difference after plating to check the coating adhesion of the connector sometimes encountered part of the needle tip front in bending or pinhole parts of the welding hole in flattening coating peeling phenomenon, sometimes at high temperature (2000 hours) detection test found that the gold layer has very small bubble phenomenon.
11 before the plating treatment is not complete for small pinhole parts if the machining sequence can not immediately use trichloroethylene ultrasonic cleaning oil, then the following conventional pretreatment is difficult to dry up the hole oil, so the hole coating adhesion will be greatly reduced.
12. Matrix before plating activation is not completely in the connector substrate material extensive use of various types of copper alloy, the copper alloy of iron trace metals such as lead-tin beryllium, in general, it is difficult to make its activation in the activation of fluid, if we do not adopt the corresponding acid activation, when the plating, these metal oxides with coating combined with very hard, so he created a coating of high-temperature foaming phenomenon.
13. Solution concentration is low in the use of ammonia acid nickel plating, nickel plating solution when the nickel content is lower than the process range, small pinhole piece inside the hole of coating quality will be affected. If it is gold content in the process of the plating solution is too low, so when gold plated hole could not gold plating, when entered with thick gold plating solution, plating layer hole metal plating nickel layer has hole passivation as a result, the hole of the gold layer binding force is poor.
14. Long and thin shape when the pin plating did not reduce the current density in plating slender shape pin, if often use remote current density of electroplating, pinpoint areas of coating will be thicker than the needle bar on a lot of, under a magnifying glass to observe needlepoint sometimes denier match head shape. (see figure 3) of the film of the head and neck plug acus at the top of the posterior part of the gold plating inspection binding force is not qualified. This phenomenon frequently occurs during vibration gold-plated.
15. When the vibration electroplating connector is used, if the vibration frequency is not adjusted correctly during the nickel plating, the plating parts beat too fast, easy to open into a double layer of nickel has a great impact on the adhesion of the coating.

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