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The conceptual differences between "connector", "terminal" and "connector assembly"

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Company News
The conceptual differences between "connector", "terminal" and "connector assembly"
Latest company news about The conceptual differences between "connector", "terminal" and "connector assembly"

Some practitioners who are new to the connector industry cannot distinguish the conceptual differences between "connector", "terminal" and "connector assembly", as well as the differences in the scope of attribution and practical applications.

This paper introduces the three differences in detail:
first, Concept differences
(1) CONNECTOR.Also called connector. It is a kind of component that electronic engineering technician often contact. Also known as a connector, plug, and socket. Generally refers to electrical connectors. A device that connects two active devices and transmits a current or signal.

(2)Connector assembly is a kind of connection circuit, the positioning of the joint is made up of two parts, namely the plug-in, and fittings, general condition can be completely separated, switches and connectors in the same through its contact with the change of contact state, the transition of the connecting circuit of purpose, and is the essential difference between plug only insert pulling two states, switch can realize conversion circuit on the ontology, and connectors will not be able to realize the transformation on the ontology, connectors of the corresponding relations between the existence of fixed contact, therefore, connector assembly can also be called a connector.

(3)The English name of Terminal (Terminal).Is used to achieve electrical connection of a kind of accessories products, the industry is divided into the category of connectors. Terminals are used to facilitate the connection of wires. They are basically pieces of metal sealed in insulating plastic with holes at both ends to insert wires. Terminal terminals can be divided into WUK terminal terminals, European terminal series, plug terminal series, etc.

Two, distinguish from the belonging scope
"Connector = connector assembly" is the first category, the terminal is just a kind of "connector" category. The connector is wire to wire connection; Connector is the connection between wire and plate and box. In practice, they are often grouped together.
The terminals are part of the connector. The connector is a general term. In fact, the connector we usually see includes housing and terminal. Housing is mostly plastic, which plays a protective role, while the terminal is metal, which plays a conducting role.
(3) in the electrical, electrical field:
Connectors, connectors, and connectors are the same product. Colloquially understood, is the kind of tools, male head, female head with a hand inserted or a twist can be quickly connected to the east.
Wiring terminal, popular ground understanding, be that kind of want to use a tool, be like a screwdriver, cold press clamp ability two east connect together of the east, general use at electric power input, output. The English name is Terminal.

Practical application distinction
Electrical connector for short, also called connector, is a subdivision of electronic components, mainly used for the connection between circuits. In industrial production, the line connection can be said to be everywhere, so the connector is, of course, a very wide range of use, applied in various industries.
Connectors are classified into many categories, such as rectangular connector, circular connector, ladder connector and so on. The terminal block is a kind of connector, which generally belongs to the rectangular connector. The terminal row is also used in a single range, generally used in the electronic and electrical field, used for PCB circuit board, printed board and distribution cabinet internal and external wiring.
Terminals are being used in more and more ways. At present, the most widely used in addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, etc., in the power industry has a special terminal row, terminal box, above all are terminals, single, double, current, voltage, common, can be broken, etc.
In general, "connector", "terminal" and "connector" are different application forms of the same concept, which are named according to different practical applications.

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