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"Top ten connector models" with the highest utilization rate by engineers in the first half of 2019

China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
China ShenZhen JWY Electronic Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
"Top ten connector models" with the highest utilization rate by engineers in the first half of 2019
Latest company news about "Top ten connector models" with the highest utilization rate by engineers in the first half of 2019
Half of 2019 has passed,through data collation and analysis, CNJWY listed the "top ten connector models" with the highest utilization rate of engineers in the first half of this year.
Here's a sneak peek:
Pin Header: it is widely used in PCB connection of electronics, electrical appliances and meters, known as "universal connector".
Function is in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, play a bridge function, to undertake the task of current or signal transmission.It is usually used with exhaust bus to form plate-to-plate connection.Or used together with electronic wire harness terminals to form plate-to-wire connection;It can also be used independently for plate-to-plate connection.
The most popular models are:
2.54mm Pitch,Gold plated,40pins DIP
RJ45 is a kind of connector of information socket in cabling system (that is, communication leading end). It is also the most common network equipment interface, which is commonly used with "crystal plug".
RJ stands for Registered Jack, meaning "Registered socket".In the FCC (federal communications commission standards and regulations), RJ is the interface that describes public telecommunications networks, and RJ45 for computer networks is the common name for the standard 8-bit modular interface.
The most used models in the RJ45 are:
Hanrun HR911105A
100M 12 stitches inserted in bending
It is a connector connecting wires and circuit boards. Its main function is to transmit power and signals. According to different USES and requirements, it has derived a very rich variety of wire-to-board connectors.
Among the Wire to board connector, the highest utilization rate is:
2.0mm,4pins, DIP,socket
4.The shell
The shell is the outer cover of the connector, which provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulation mounting plate and pin, and provides alignment when the plug and socket are plugged together, thereby fixing the connector to the device.
Among the shell, the most used model is:
Molex 0430250600
MicroFit 3.0 DR Rcpt 6Ckt
Crimp terminals are widely used in electrical assembly and other fields. Through crimp terminals, wires and cables are closely connected with conductors for the purpose of transmission.
The most used crimp terminals are:
Molex 0430300001
FPC connector is used to connect LCD display screen to drive circuit (PCB), mainly with 0.5mm pitch product.0.3mm pitch product has also been widely used.In the longer term, the FPC connector is expected to be integrated with other mobile phone components in the framework of a mobile phone or its LCD module.
FPC connector is widely used in digital communication products, portable electronic products, computer peripheral equipment, measuring instruments, automotive electronics and other fields.
Among the FPC connectors, the most used models are:
0.5mm Pitch,40pins,H=2.0mm,Draw up
D-sub connectors, also known as d-sub miniature, are some of the electrical connectors commonly used by computers.The d-sub connector has parallel connector pin arrangements surrounded by metal shielding.The shield end is short, similar to the English letter D.The original numbering system for type D or d-sub connectors USES D as A prefix (naming it series), and then selects A, B, C, D, or E based on housing size.
Among the d-sub, the most used model is:
Bent holder fork lock all gold vinyl
RF coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as RF connector) is generally considered to be a component mounted on a cable or mounted on an instrument, as a transmission line electrical connection or separation component.It belongs to electromechanical integration products.In a nutshell, it serves mainly as a bridge.
Among RF connectors, the highest usage is:
IPE-X plate end IPX connector patch
USB refers to "Universal Serial Bus", which is called Universal Serial Bus in Chinese.USB interface has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, support hot swap and connect multiple devices.At present, it has been widely used in all kinds of external equipment.
USB type-c, or type-c for short, features a thinner design, faster transmission speeds (up to 20Gbps) and stronger power transmission (up to 100W).
Among USB connectors, the highest usage rate is:
HRO TYPE-C-31-M-12
Type-c base,16P single row,SMT,high temperature resistance
A power interface is an electrical connector, a device that connects two active devices and transmits current or signals.The basic performance of connector can be divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance.
Among plug connectors, the highest utilization rate is:
HRO DC-005-20A
Inner core 2.0mm copper compound silver half copper
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