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With a market capacity of $590 billion, what should we pay attention to in the year of 2019 PV market Over Sea?

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Company News
With a market capacity of $590 billion, what should we pay attention to in the year of 2019 PV market Over Sea?
Latest company news about With a market capacity of $590 billion, what should we pay attention to in the year of 2019 PV market Over Sea?

Overseas pv market


With countries eager to get rid of dependence on traditional energy sources, the cost of power generation is gradually reduced and the technology is becoming more mature. In addition, photovoltaic projects have the advantages of low asset risk, stable cash flow and strong financing ability. Investors' recognition of photovoltaic power stations' assets is gradually increasing.


After the new policy, the overseas market has undergone tremendous changes. The decline of component prices has promoted the development of overseas markets, and the markets in Asia and Europe have become hot.A week after the release of the new policy, with the reduction of EPC prices, overseas potential projects began to emerge.Overseas photovoltaic hotspot countries include:




The price of EPC in Japan is up to about 190 yen (about RMB 11.4 yuan), but the electricity price is almost 18 yen (about RMB 1.08 yuan), and the investment has a certain rate of return.Some areas of Japan are prone to tsunamis and earthquakes, so projects in Japan need to take the risk of natural disasters into account and avoid areas prone to natural disasters.


In contrast to the Japanese market, EPC price and electricity price are very low in the Indian market. However, the whole country of India is very large, with consumption of nearly 1.4 billion people, and the market space is worth developing.The Indian market is still a new market for most enterprises, and there are certain risks in developing new markets. Therefore, preliminary research is a very important step.


Thailand is rich in solar energy resources and has shown excellent market performance in recent years. It is one of the most promising solar energy markets in southeast Asia. Liansheng has accelerated the implementation of projects in Thailand, and relevant subsidy applications are also in progress.


Vietnam is a complicated market, and the actual batch of projects is very limited, but far below the capacity of the project on the market, so the authenticity of the project cannot be judged, which needs to be taken into account.


Malaysia is watching the market for the time being because of the change of government.




Markets in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Turkey are rising and watching.




Australia is one of the important markets for the development of global photovoltaic industry, with the annual installed capacity above GW. According to Australia's renewable energy target (RET), Australia will generate at least 20% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020.Liansheng new energy has several projects under development in Australia and is expected to start construction in 2018.




The us and Mexico have huge potential.


Key risks of overseas photovoltaic projects


First, the risk of EPC.


The success of overseas new market projects is closely related to the selection of EPC.The project itself will be influenced by the team's experience, the recognition of the local market and other customers.Wang hongwei said that due to the differences in local culture, religion and policies in overseas photovoltaic projects, it is difficult for domestic EPC teams to directly participate in the construction and management of overseas photovoltaic projects. Therefore, liansheng new energy will give priority to cooperate with local high-quality EPC contractors for overseas projects.Excellent EPC is reflected in three aspects: subcontractor management, schedule management and quality management.The management of subcontractors in overseas photovoltaic projects is the same as that in China. For the temporary replacement of multiple subcontractors in the construction process, excellent EPC can find the best candidates.Schedule and quality are the lifeblood, and it's important to make sure you're on time and on quality.


Second, risk of equipment delivery on schedule.


Most major overseas equipment, including components and inverters, are imported from China. Shipping and customs clearance policies will have a significant impact on the timely delivery of equipment.


Compared with fixed scaffolds, the power generation of tracking scaffolds increases by 10% to 15%, but the tracking scaffolds contain more than 100 parts and components from many different countries, testing the supply chain management ability of EPC.


The insurance must cover the entire construction period from the factory to the site installation of the equipment. Wang hongwei said that in overseas projects, there was a case that the components of a certain project caught fire before they were installed. If there is no insurance, tens of millions of losses will be borne by themselves, so the importance of insurance is self-evident.


Third, construction period risks.


There are risks in the management of subcontractor personnel.For example, in Europe and southeast Asia, the subcontractor in Europe can complete the whole streamline operation. Similarly, the 20MW project can be completed in Europe in one or two months, but in India it may take six months or a year.How to manage the strike and improve the efficiency is the key to test EPC.


There are also risks in the management of important equipment, so the safety of components storage can guarantee the safety of construction.How to deliver on schedule is also an important part of consideration. Once COD delay occurs, whether it can be extended and how long it will be extended are all questions to be considered.Extreme weather is an irresistible factor, and prevention is needed.In the southern Indian state of rajasthan, for example, sandstorms recently toppled scaffolding and components, destroying almost all of several power stations.


Fourth, operation and maintenance risk.


After the completion and delivery of the project, the quality of operation and maintenance service providers is very important. The operation and maintenance level determines the quality of the power station in 20 or 25 years, the return of the power station and the cash flow of the power station.In order to prevent operation and maintenance risks, it is necessary for operation and maintenance providers to have rich experience in operation and maintenance, the ability to timely respond to faults, and the full coverage of operation and maintenance insurance.


Be prepared to take risks


Sufficient information collection preparation is needed in the early stage of overseas photovoltaic project development.The information needed to be collected includes the photovoltaic strategic planning of the local national conditions (religion, festivals, tax system), the supplementary policies of the country and the stability of the exchange rate.Wang hongwei said that as for the choice of foreign currency, the U.S. dollar is relatively stable. Generally, the U.S. dollar is considered as the settlement currency for electricity bills, followed by the euro, and then other strong currencies.Reliable development partners and law firms are the first step into the market. Before launching overseas projects, it is necessary to fully understand the authenticity and reliability of the project.After the sale of the project, once the development partner has committed illegal ACTS, the final buyer has to take the responsibility on his own, so it is necessary to fully collect information before choosing the developer and law firm.


Develop processes to avoid risks


In order to avoid the risk of overseas projects, need to pay attention to every step of the development process, completes the investigation and verification in each step: the first step is to search for the development of local partners, this is the most difficult step, developers the ability to affect the whole project, self-developed program time-consuming and longer, so the development partners need to be considered.The second step.Understand local pv policy through law firm and verify project reliability;Step 3: conduct DD(duediligence, duediligence) for the project, sign the initial agreement, and lock the project;Step 4: complete the transfer of project rights and start EPC until the grid connection;The fifth step is to entrust high-quality operators to carry out operation and maintenance.

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